“Imagine me not yipping. What would that be for a sad world?” That’s what I tooted this morning via my snouts account. This account is used by me to “vent” my positive feelings most of the time.

I received a reaction by Frinkel with a content warning:

i don’t know okay, the first thing that popped into my head was mad world when i read this post

I opened the toot and felt warm about it reading this:

all around me are familiar bandies
they're out yipping
online yipping
bright and yipping for the daily timeline
yipping somewhere, yipping somewhere
their yips are filling up the timeline
lots of yipping, lots of yipping
show my face i wanna hear your yipping
hear your yipping, hear your yipping

and i find it kinda funny
i find it kinda sad
the yips in which i listen are the best i've ever had
i find it hard to tell you,
i find it hard to yip
when bandies start their yipping it's a very, very
yip world, yip world

Thank you. <3

Also, I should blog more.