I released pam_panic 0.2.5 in the yesterday evening. You may ask why I jumped from 0.2.2 directly to 0.2.5.

The reason is that I fucked up with git’s tagging a bit. Also I forgot to mention the changings into the project’s ChangeLog file.

The changes

pam_panic is now able to use device IDs of MBR partitioned systems. This only is valid for the serious= option. The access= and reject= still require GPT formatted devices.

The story

When I changed to coreboot with SeaBIOS as payload, I noticed that SeaBIOS requires MBR to boot my harddrive. After I applied MBR to my previously EFI partitioned harddrive, I noticed that pam_panic didn’t work anymore. This was bad imo and it needed a change.